You don't get the vision alone

FIRST you commit to something that lights you up, pulls you forward, truly inspires you — the career, a relationship, a project (and YOU can be that improvement project, by the way.) And then it’s so much easier to embrace the heavy lifting required. When you’re doing the hard work in the context of joy and commitment, you tend to bitch way less about doing what it takes. So! Joy first, then the sweat is a pleasure. Danielle La Porte

One of my prayers on the journey is to go for the joy and not do projects or jobs only for the money. I have learnt that when I do things only for the money it makes me feel yucky, it sends a signal to the Universe that I am in fear and doubt. I can slip into the yuk pretty easily, especially now as I am working for myself! 

The thing I've learnt is go hard, all in, get the lessons and adjust as you go. The choice of doing something other than for your vision, goals, health, objectives will leave one frustrated, ill and angry. Of course you know when you are making excuses like "I'm doing it because I have bills or I am doing it for the kids. Are you living your own life or someone else's? What would my boyfriend/husband/father/mother/sister/friends think if I do this? No way let me just continue dying inside to have them happy! Yea, makes a lot of sense right? 

As my friend Debra says, you don't get the vision without the provision, you got to dig for it.


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