There is never the end...

There is never the end. There is never the last word, the last poem, the last song, the last song has not been written. The last anything has not been done, this life is constantly moving, constantly and beware, be very aware of anything that  tries to put a ceiling on it, a ceiling on you and says that this is it. Deborah  Johnson

The end! Endings become beginnings, what is really the end?  Most times it is in how we view and perceive a situation.

Things change, things move, things happen when they are to happen and there is nothing that you or I can do to move things along. But we spend time stressing, worrying, hoping, that we can move things along faster, that we can harvest our crops before its due and ready!

Chill out! there is no need to stress, no absolute need for you to know if you are doing the right thing in the right time. It will happen and if it doesn't you will continue to find yourself in a situation that will provide you with the opportunity over and over again. You will know, especially if you are paying attention to how you feel, to the signs that are presented in front of you.

If something really is for you, you can't miss it, you can't miss it!
Trust the process, let go of the attachment and be open to the possibilities. Your way is not the only way, past performance and history is not the only indicator of the future.

Feel the feelings,
somethings you cannot control
it's not that kind of party!
And its ok!
the change will happen.

Leaving the lovely island of SVG! lessons learnt and love all round


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