Trade perfectionism for progress

trade perfectionism for progress. Mastin Kipp
The best part of my work is seeing how people use what they have to create what they want, it is for me a testimony that most times we stay stuck or don't move because we are either not uncomfortable enough or that we are trapped in fear! I get to see and experience with my own eyes people who have decided that for whatever reason their life is more than sitting and complaining or wishing that things get better without taking some sore of responsibility for making it happen! And my prayer each day is to use the lesson that I learn from these experiences in my own life, to move ahead despite feeling so fearful, to stop moaning and complaining and to make small steps towards progress, to also share my stories in an empowering way.
So I am here in SVG and there are many examples of this, the fall of the banana industry and the reduction of tourism has had quite a negative impact on the economy and by extension the jobs, and employment but there are groups who have decided that despite this something can be done! I am heading to the area called Diamond today to work with a group who have made that leap! stay tuned
On a totally separate note, this to me was also a testament of this but on a lighter note. I asked around where can I take a run on mornings, the lady told me that they have an aerobics class that I can come to and have some fun! okay then, haven't heard or done aerobics in ages! but why not, She was so happy I said yes. A group of 30 women found a space and decided to start an aerobics class every evening using one of those old time boom box cassette players. I was smiling all class, just seeing the scene, in a school classroom, the boom box and the happiness on their faces, mind you I was struggling a bit too with my coordination which was funny as hell they were all laughing at me as well!
After the class, Charmaine said "I bet you never had a good workout like that?"  "We decided we were fed up of asking the Government for a space and someone to teach us so we do it ourselves"
What could I have said??
" Thank you for the invitation, I had fun!"
Make some progress today people!


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