Rooted yet Flexible

Love shows up in so many ways - Madonna Badger

When you open yourself up to possibilities magic happens, when there is flexibility in your approach, magic happens, when you can see another way of making it work, fireworks go off!

I used to get stuck, starting with reasons why something may not work out as I wanted it to Of course I did, there are so many ways that things can go haywire right?  And that, my friends made me so stressed! Like grinding my teeth stressed! I was forced into flexibility and oh how magical it is! We don't know everything, yip, I said it, we don't! And that is why there are internal guides, our intuition, the little things that happen along the way that points us in a direction that most times makes absolutely no sense! But they all lead to "that place"
When I decided to move to Manchester, it was illogical to me but I felt it was something that I absolutely had to do, I had no clue what I was in for and that was just the door being opened for me to become an author. As one of my favorite teachers Deborah Johnson says "every divine idea has its own supply, it's own way of coming into fruition, trust that"
You will not get an idea and not get the tools, your job is to pay attention, listen and take what seems like risks as it goes against what most people are doing, trust me they aren't risks!



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