After, this, Pardee time

"True failure expresses itself constantly as an excuse, a reason to stop, an obstacle you have never seen, a barrier bigger than ever existed. Failure is constantly there, presenting itself as a comfortable option, an excuse, a good excuse, the best excuse you could state: “I have never done that before.” Even better than that: “no one has done that before.”

I spent all day yesterday at a coffee shop preparing for the FailUp talk today hosted by Nailab and TechSahara, who are an innervation hub doing some awesome things out here in Nairobi..
I am pulling out out the lessons on positive self talk, being authentic, showing up as myself and doing my absolute best in the moment.

Somehow the nerves still get me especially when today when the talk is about me being not just the first Non Kenyan speaker but also the first woman to be featured!

Exciting times
I am ready
I am rearing to go
I am humbled, grateful and excited

After this, pardee time!


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