I’ve learned instead is that I have to walk next to my fear, holding its hand. Because creativity asks you to enter into realms with unknown outcomes, and your fear hates nothing more than a realm of unknown outcome. Your fear is programmed to stop you from doing that, because its like a security guard all hopped up on Red Bull. Your fear believes that any unknown outcome ends in your death. So…I actually just walk side by side with it, holding its hand, saying “Thank you so much for trying to protect me, but all’s I am trying to do here is write a poem, no one is going to die. And I know this scares you, but I am going to do this thing, and your going to come with me, and were going to do this together.” So if we can develop this loving relationship with fear, rather than a denial or eradication of fear. The only fearless people I’ve ever met are sociopaths and I don’t wanna be fearless, I wanna be someone who can be afraid and be emotional. Elizabeth Gilbert

This thing called fear! It's been kicking my butt over the last few days big time! The unknowns, the uncertainty! I have been ignoring it, I have been researching it, I have been reading books and trolling the Internet, and as per usual, when I decided to stop being so dramatic I was chilling on Sunday and boom, there it was, a video on writers and fear. Hey, I shouted to no one in particular. I'm helluva normal person! Fear is par for the course, make friends with it then act! It's not going to kill you to feel fearful about uncertainty, you really don't know what is on the other side of the action and that is okay!
I still have a way to go but I am taking baby steps, people be warned, I may be asking you some questions after me and fear develop our friendship and become buddies! Bear with me!
What am I most afraid of?
Apart from fellas disappearing after I think we are "cool" I am most afraid of the uncertainty in writing and telling my story on the Journey and that being "enough"
Enough for everything like making a difference in my own life, in someone else's life, in being authentic, in living comfortably and being able to pay my bills and spend time, quality time, doing the things that bring me joy, and making where ever I am a better place than how I met it
A long list right?
Fear of Enough-ness....
The journey has begun, I am ready
I am enough


  1. I like this post. I am now catching up on your blog. This is so funny to me because it's so true and how I feel at this moment. I guess the law of attraction is at work for me to open this particular blog at this particular hour.

    Fear is REAL. And what is NORMAL anyway? We are all imperfect beings and striving for the ideal is like trying to catch your own shadow.

    Hope you are enjoying the motherland for all of us. Keep doing YOU and remember once you are being true to you and impacting lives by living your life in this way, you will always be ENOUGH!

    Btw I once read the thoughts of a 110 old woman that the secret to long life is to stay away from men. As I read I wondered if there is some truth to that! lol. They make life more fun, but somehow in the long term, life seems to flow better when they are not around.



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