London Town

Write down what you want. 
Watch it happen. 
Spelling is a spell.


Hey beautiful people sharing with me on the journey. I have been travelling over the last day and have been in London town for the past day and a half for my forst book signing event here. London being a significant part of my journey. I am excited yet nervous, grateful and happy. I want to rant a bit here though. The other side of the story showed its face to me over the past few days. I came from Kenya, Wifi access there was free available and almost a given, a so called third world country, come to London, where I have a "history" meaning I have a bank account, a phone line and even an address and to get on line has been a nightmare to put it mildly! My patience was surely tested especially today on the phone with my mobile provider, I even told them that they ought to be embarrassed that Kenya is way ahead of them and I must be on the phone for almost two hours before my phone works or my Wifi! They did not appreciate it, I even said it nicely without raising my voice as well!
So in the end I realise that I am addicted to my phone, my gadgets and the Internet!
As we speak I am in a Library, the only place Wifi worked since I have been here!
Anyways, looking forward to tonight and sharing more lessons on the Journey, after which I am back on a place again
Will holla on the other side and thank you for listening to my rant!


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