Your obsessive control will eventually control you.

It's an intense urge. The one to control. You hold tight. Want. Want hard. Lock in. Obsess over the details. Think, rethink, and over think. Ultimately, you try to get what you want by attempting to control the process for the outcome. Your obsessive control will eventually control you. Maxie McCoy

Being in Nairobi has brought the controlling and overthinking urge back to the front of my mind and that being said, it has also proven to me that I control none of the things that I believe I do. It really is such a freeing feeling when I just do the work and surrender to the outcome. And by surrender I don't mean give up. 

Control can be like a drug and with a drug when the high is gone, the lows are major! When you have done all the at you can and it is not the outcome you want it really is the Universe trying to get your attention and when you ignore, shit blows up! Yes, the Universe loves you that much.

One of my favourite teachers says "Chose, expectations or expectancy" and I wanted an explanation for this and so she said
"expectation is when you focus on a specific outcome, no flexibility, this way or bust. Expectancy is being open, knowing that it will work out and it may not be how you exactly thought it would"
I am living in high expectancy that what I desire to achieve while I am here will unfold as it should

Saturday's Let Women Build Conference was off da chain! so so inspiring and those Kenyan ladies can dance, I tell you, they were throwing out some dance moves after the Conference I just stood up in awe! Super grateful to be a part of this and congratulations to the wonderful Akira Chix Team for changing the game!


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