You are the common thread

 Your relationships and experiences are merely a reflection of you.
Your worth cannot be measured monetarily. It cannot be quantified by other people. The only accurate calculation of your own value, comes from you.
It is always about you. You are the common thread that runs through every interaction and exchange. You are your own connection to the world, tethering every piece together.
What you see and experience outside of yourself is mirror of what you feel inside. If you want to change your outer world, you must begin within. Stacy Hereera

The ability to have difficult or awkward conversations is an essential element in being authentic. It aids in avoiding people pleasing which many times leads to resentment. Failure and the lessons from it is what I would consider an awkward conversation and kudos to Nailab for taking the initiative in having these conversations on a monthly basis in a way which promotes authenticity and sharing.

The conversation we had yesterday was a real one, at the end, the Q&A session was useful and I was able to learn quite a bit from the participants

So, what are my top four lessons from Failure

1. Failure is feedback - information to make a decision, usually another decision, one that would lead to a result that produces an outcome that is favourable in body and soul

2. Pay attention to the signs - pay attention, be aware, listen and look around to see what is happening and how you are feeling about what is happening around you

3. Own it- take responsibility, you cannot outsource your happiness, your decisions, your choices, your life. It is your responsibility and yours alone.

4. Keep moving - create opportunities, you cannot wait for things to fall into your lap and when they don't you get upset. Keep learning, keep growing, keep positive

Thank you Nailab and Nairobi for the opportunity to share lessons on the Journey


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