I like meeting nice people

Let's all lighten up about our self improvement journeys.  There's no joy in these self-imposed denials and everyone walking around Edgar Allen Poe-faced in their suffering instead of high kicking Gene Kelly style "gotta dance!" positivity. Carole Ann Rice

Yesterday I met with the Climate Innovation Center in Nairobi. I was completely blown away by the building and their mission. Firstly it is in a green building, solar powers everything, natural lighting, open spaces, green spaces. They are walking the talk it's not only about preaching about what "we need" or what "we cannot do" yada yada yada. They are demonstrating by their actions that we can start where we are with what we have.
Then, for me, most importantly, the people. What a lovely group! Wanting to make a difference and just genuinely nice. I really like meeting nice people, makes all my trips worth while
The more I meet people I realize that we are really all connected and  want the same things, to be seen, to be heard, to be valued and to be loved. I strongly believe that.
So, on next week Tuesday I will have the distinct privilege to be hosted at a breakfast meeting to share lessons on the journey with their entrepreneurs- pretty excited about that!

Will let you know how it goes!


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