The real revolutionaries

Soon we will find out who is, the REAL revolutionaries - Bob Marley

My bags arrived tonight, oh joy, oh joy!! Put things in perspective that I really do not need much to love on, and that is really AOKAY!
Full on plans have been in force for the African Women in Technology Conference which is on Saturday. I have been working with an awesome group of ladies, the Akira Chix. They after graduating from University wanted jobs in the technology field and found it difficult being a male dominated field, and so created what they wanted and extended that by creating opportunities for young ladies by training them to produce apps, websites and codes free of charge and then placing them in jobs. I am completely inspired by this as it was a challenge for them to start and grow their organisation but they persevered, they love what they do and they work well together and it spills over in everything that they do, there is a joy, a comrade-ire, a sense of fun in the space.
It made me think about my own hesitation in doing things that I want to do, and why I freeze up, little things and then they turn into big things
Telling someone how I feel
Speaking my truth
Starting a project

What's the worst that can happen?
I ended up where I started right?

Heading home now with my bags for a nice long hot shower.....



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