Make Friends With Reality

You have lessons collected in your brain; you have lessons collected in your heart; you have lessons of great difficulty; you have lessons of great ease. All these lessons are produced from pure light passing through the lenses of perception, passing through the opinions of your history, passing into the mysteries of the future, while sitting in the presence of the present . . . producing the fabric of life that has no weaver.  Guru SinghYogi

Make friends with Reality!
I am back! Yea I am back and it’s like I never left
I am in Nairobi for some very exciting projects which I will be sharing the lessons on the Journey.
So your girl arrived, after two days of travelling and not one of my bags in sight and for those who know me I travel light so I had on me my passport, laptop, phone, a book and my toothbrush. I went to report the bags and the guy looked at me and said “Your bags will eventually come, I do not know when. It seems that they tagged it to Amsterdam”, it happens often Madam
and that was the end of the discussion
I asked him to tell me more
“There is no more to tell Madam, things will get better”
I better get used to the whole being called “Madam” again.
So, I was ready right there and then to either cuss, ask a million more questions or ask for the supervisor. Then I decided to make friends with reality- the bags aren’t here, no amount of any of those choices will bring them, and homie cannot either.
My first gig is ten am tomorrow, I guess I will be there with the clothes on my back! I always say “show up as yourself, every.single.time. Well this brings a new meaning to it. 



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