Fail Up

There is no reason and no need to "play up" to anothe

or to try to remain in their good graces. Remain in your
own, by not betraying yourself. Simply speak your truth,
with gentleness and love.
And have courage, for what you seek is not outside of
you. It is not a gift from another person. It is yours -- to
give, not to acquire. Let no one, therefore, hold you
hostage. Not your partner, not your boss, not your
family...and certainly not your God. NDW

Day 3 in Kenya, still no luggage and I absentmindedly came home to the flat without going to the store to get a change of clothes, then as I got in the mini storm comes, oh well scratch going out!
And so it goes, I am not even going to fuss, life must go on.
Today I was confirmed as the speaker for the Nailab project and I am very humbled by it all! Talking failure as we chart our way to success!

I am liking Nairobi so far, well the little that I have seen, it is buzzing, like a few African cities, loads of colour and movement and organised noise!
There always seem to be an order to the chaos
And as so with life, it may seem like chaos but inside it all there is some order, some meaning, and of course some lesson
I like how they use technology, we used our phones to order and pay for the cab, cash seems like a dinosaur 
Mobile Money, Uber, Apps, Technology, its all very exciting
Happy to be in the mix


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