You have two choices: to do or not to do.

Nearly everything that you do is 100% optional. So you have two choices: to do or not to do. It’s one or the other. You’re in or your out. There is no in-between. No halfway, only no way or all-the-way.
The choice is yours. You’ll either be the one who did it, got it done, and made things happen… or not. Stacey Hererra

Today was a day I will always remember, I spent the half day at the Women's Prison at their library sharing lessons on the journey. As I walked into the hall to greet the 40 odd women, I stopped and greeted every one and as I was going around I noticed a friend of mine, I stopped literally! What are you doing here? We spoke in September? What? Hello? She started crying and at that moment I decided to move on and return to that
As I spoke with the women, her tears flowed for the entire morning I stood there my mind racing! 
After the session she tried talking to me the guards told her she had two minutes, she said she's in there for fraud and please call her mother and tell her that she was okay.
I never got the full story
and maybe I never will
However for me the lesson is life can change in a minute, choices have consequences and taking responsibility, acknowledgement and acceptance of a situation allows us to take back our power that we gave away and assists in making an empowered choice
And I also learnt to be grateful.... for.every.single.thing


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