I am merely a catalyst

I am grateful for the awareness that whatever someone says about me, my writing, or my work... has nothing to do with me.
Whether the comment is positive or negative, it's never about me. Whatever feelings are evoked by something I say or write, is about where you are and how you feel about yourself, in that moment. I am merely a catalyst. Stacy Herrera

Vulnerability is a strength, I have learnt that over the last few years.  Showing up as yourself, open, authentic, being willing to be different, misunderstood, forge your own path, get beat up and bloodied in the ring facing what you want, that is courage

 Setting and playing by your own rules. It gets tiring and its certainly no fun having the disease to please, and that battle in the "please other people ring" is never won.
What would people say? That comment no longer has much effect on me and getting there was a process, sometimes a very painful one
How would I look? Ditto
Letting down myself has more of an effect, meaning when I make a commitment to myself, looking myself in the eye in the mirror and committing to an act which I know is for my highest good and then not doing it for whatever reason is even worse than how it will look or what will people say

 So as Stacy says, I take feedback, I take it knowing that many many times the comments are about where a person is at the time - internally and same when I am sucked into a story and responding to a situation - it really is all about me at the time.
Don't get sucked into the story! See it for what it is, a lesson, a call for love - sometimes love of self or to give love (and trust me, love can be given from afar)

Kenya - I love you so far, love the vines, the people, the lessons
Today I am going with the lovely Akira Chix to the site of the Conference - meetings and preparations afoot! So inspiring these ladies
Tomorrow I will give you all the details on my earlier meeting with KIM (Kenya Institute of Management)


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