Climate Innovation Center Kenya - Breakfast Session

Rise high enough above a thing to see it from a new perspective.

Until you get to the core of a thing or see it from a new place, you will not be able to determine how or if the experiences of your life serve your highest and greatest good. Iyanla Vanzant

This morning the Climate Innovation Centre (CIC) at the Strathmore Business School, Nairobi Kenya hosts a Breakfast meeting at which I will be the feature speaker.This is not my first at this building and each time I visit I am even more inspired by it. Walking the talk, the building is completely green, run by solar and natural light permeates all through. I walk in and I feel light, I feel inspired I feel connected to something bigger than I am, a place of learning in Africa with such a big vision that has indeed been realized, minus the fan fare and the ego tripping "look at me" type of vibe!
Something that I strive to do for my own self, to just get on with it, walk the talk and demonstrate that life is about doing exactly that, walking the talk!
So here I go.....
Inspired and rearing to go


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