If you just let it

What you want might make you cry
What you need might pass you by
If you don't catch it
And what you need ironically
Will turn out what you want to be
If you just let it

Lauren Hill

Stop searching, start finding. 
What is it that you believe is "out there" that you must have, must find, must do, must eat, must drink, must wear, must must must to arrive, to do the right thing?
Believe it or not that was my self talk yesterday. Then I had to stop and ask myself" How are you feeling? (twice) Give thanks and breathe it in because you are blessed was the eventual response.
In Nairobi and was tripping out because I could not access the cash from my bank account.  I stood at the machine and looked at it with my sad eyes, as if the damm thing could have seen me! Then I decided to go into "fix it" mode, spent the entire day doing that, calling home to chat with the bank, sending whatsapp to one of my friends, going online to transfer the cash - nothing materialized and by 11pm I realised that I have been focused on that all day, an entire day passed that I was supposed to be doing something to make the most of my time in the country and I was stressing on this. I own it, I assumed that this was the best way to access my funds, I did not ask the bank, this was my first time using this system and also the biggest thing is my feelings associated with asking, with admitting my way is not "THE WAY" and releasing of the ego which looks and searches for perfection and attempt to make illusions real.
According to Sabrine Reur,the human ego loves degeneration. It helps us make choices that are not for our highest and best good. It keeps us in chaos, duality, victim consciousness, addictions, attachments and illusions. The ego is filled with fear, and it is especially fearful of the light from our higher selves.
I slipped into that ego based thinking and it was quick
Today is a new day, new thoughts, new vibes
I'm in Kenya!!! A dream turned to the real! Make it count, stop the searching, start the finding!
It's all good.


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