Self Love Safari

A safari I have deduced is a type of journey, where the aim is to see, spot, take in the animals and the spoils of nature.  A self love safari for me, is a type of journey to see, spot, and take in the experiences which lead me to live my best life. I am getting ready to leave Kenya, next stop London UK for a book signing event and to catch up with some great friends and of course watch some football!
This self love safari has been one where I have met some awesome people and grown in so many ways, I am so grateful to all of them who made me fall in love with Kenya
My top lessons on this month's trip

1. Nature does not hoard, it teaches, it provides and guides me. The rising of the sun is silent yet one of the most powerful and beautiful things I have witnessed. We are so powerful when grounded in silence and respect nature

2. We are all connected - The ladies that I met, spent time with this month and have gotten to know, it seemed as if we knew each other forever, we share so much of the same stories

3. I absolutely must do something bigger than me, bigger than looking for a job, finding the right house and car and handbag. Those things will come, the world needs our gifts and talents.

4. I love what I do, it brings me so much joy.

5. Abundance comes in so so so many different, surprising and unexpected ways.

6. Share my lessons dripping with gratitude and humility and that is enough.



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