Noise drowns it out

Go out into the countryside and teach the Gospel”, they said to him, “What will we say?” And his response to them was, “I’ll tell you when you get there.” Book of Thomas

The small voice within is a guide, it tells us what to do and where to go, and it works particularly well when we ask, it works even better when we get still, when we pause. It's usually a small voice, sometimes a whisper, you will miss it if you are too "busy" if you are moving around too much, if you are drowning it out with excessive "noise".
"Noise" can be judgement, drinking too much alcohol. working too much, toxic relationships, judgement and not taking responsibility for your actions, too much TV and Internet to keep you occupied. Noise can also be not being present and minding other people's business.

To teach is to demonstrate, the combination of demonstrating what you have paid attention to when the small voice speaks to you works miracles, it never leads you astray and many many times it seems illogical,but then, so is being too busy to handle your life and living your best life!


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