Let us Build

You can't always know where the road ends up but with some luck I know we can go - whereever we imagine. Jamea Ingram

Today is the African Women in Technology Conference - Let Women Build. It has been an absolute pleasure being a part of seeing this dream unfold. So what I have learnt is a vision, self-belief, a super team and action makes things happen and there is no perfect way for it to unfold as we learn as we go. The best laid plans can go differently but out of it comes the best and perfect outcome.
So the place for the Conference is right at the edge of a national park. We were sitting chillaxin with a mohito overlooking this vast expanse of land and the talk was how over the years there are less animals like lions being killed by coming on people's property. Huh? Ok then.
And when you spot an elephant or lion who wonders off call the rangers.
Different to what I am used to the occasional wondering dog or cat.
The laws have changed over the years to protect the animals. That's great. Seems a shame for us humans to just move in like a train and the animals suffer
Anyways I digress.
Conference vibes are nice as we say "de vibes cyar done!"
An absolute joy it has been hanging out with the Akira Chix ladies. Giving thanks for the opportunity.


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