The other side of the story

Use yesterday to inspire tomorrow, not to discourage it.use yesterday to inspire
tomorrow, not to discourage it.

The use of technology here surprised me and also reminded me of the "other side of the story" there are two sides to the story and then there is the truth! What is sometimes shown on the television or other media is usually one side of the story. Being in Nairobi this week reinforced that.
The use of mobile phones and mobile money is widespread, I wanted a taxi, I needed my phone, there is an app to book the taxi and then to pay the taxi one also uses the mobile phone, no cash is used! Cash is slowly becoming a thing of the past, mobile money is all the rage!

Where I am from, cash is still holding on to its king status

Technology is everywhere and being used to great benefits to the masses
Bank accounts are no longer required - have a mobile phone, it can be used to pay all bills, transfer money, you name it
In the buildings that I have been in, WiFi is the norm, even the place I had breakfast and lunch!
Great going Nairobi!

Still no sign of my luggage, fingers, toes and and eyes crossed that today is the day, I was told that there was a sighting of one of my bags so the search is on!
I hope it is the one with my clothes......


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