If you want to get to the root

Discomfort does not feel good. And it is difficult to be present, when life gets tender. The tendency to pull back and retreat is perfectly natural. But what if you stayed?
What would happen if you stayed in the midst of the dis-ease? It will probably begin to hurt. Your instincts will kick in, but rather than pull out, can you hunker down and go a little bit deeper?
When it begins to throb and pulsate, are you willing to take a breath and bear with it? The ache will inevitably turn into suffering, and you will be compelled to concede, but don’t. Stay with it… the threshold is near.
The difference between treating a symptom and solving a problem, is the willingness to endure. If you want to get to the root, you must be prepared to be uncomfortable. Stacey Hererra

I am off today to Kenya via London today for a month. People ask me what will you be doing out there for a month and I have a general idea but I have very limited details and  I am sitting in the "not knowing".
What  I know  is that the Universe is delighted to bring me the unexpected and I am delighted to receive it.
What  I know is that saying yes opens up either opportunities or lessons and some of the lessons are uncomfortable. I think about when I am boxing or exercising, the training is difficult but the results are tremendous when I stay with it and willing to face the pain.
What I know is that your beliefs color your experiences whether those beliefs are conscious or unconscious, and it is important for me to determine what my beliefs are, this can be seen explicitly by the experiences which I encounter daily.
What I know is that I am divinely guided and supremely loved by the Universe.
I can safely sit with the other "not knowns" knowing that I will be "very okay"
This is not saying that my trip is or will be painful, aw hell no! It is going to be such a blast! I am completely excited just to say that I have made peace in knowing that I cannot know or control everything and it is okay now for me to sit in that "not knowing"
Holla at ya on the other side....


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