And return full

I go with all nothings. All the flawings. And return full - Nayyira Waheed

I always think about "the other side of the story" As the Course in Miracles says, the illusions and perceptions. We take them and make them our reality and turn it into our world and go on to live by these illusions and perceptions. Illusions are not real. Travelling has helped me to see not just the world but my life in a whole new way, it has made me tolerant, patient and loving.
This weekend in Nairobi, I was open to seeing the other side of the story. No judgments,
I saw lions, cheetahs, zebras, tall buildings, art, dancing, technology at it's best and now know for sure that I am responsible for shaping my own mind, not just the television and other people's opinion
I am truly grateful for the opportunity and vow to remember that every thing before I came, every struggle, every action, is responsible for the ground upon which I now stand.



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