What Did I Learn Today?
There's no better feeling than doing what you say -Accomplishment
And I suppose that starts by saying what you mean
And meaning what you articulate
And believing in what you think
And thinking about what you dream
and action, doing it
Today, I smiled a whole lot, and what has me still smiling maybe even more than reading at the Bocas Lit Festival is meeting Kesha James today at the YWCA and presenting two books to her.

I never met Kesha James, she came to an event I spoke at and the head of the YWCA contacted me over Facebook saying that Kesha was quite moved by the talk and started making forward movement to taking responsibilty for her goals and vision for the first time. She asked me if I can come by and drop off the books to Kesha. I had a full day at Bocas Lit so I told her that I will really make a big effort but cannot promise as I am not sure when I would be finished. I finished early and called the YWCA, and headed over to deliver the books. It really made my day. Pride,humility, love came forth and I am grateful.

Bocas Lit  Fest, the literary festival held annually in Trinidad and Tobago, is one of the Caribbean's largest literary festival with authors from across the globe, was a wonderful experience for me, the energy in the space, the authors speaking and sharing, the vibes- I was an absolute smiley face all day
From talks on Calypso to travel, to civil rights you name it!
The festival ends on Sunday 1st May and I plan to be a spectator over the weekend - take in the vibes

NiNa Graduation is on today!! 



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