Show up for where you’ve been led.  be consistent. Happiness isn’t for dabblers Gabby Bernstein

I am a fan of consistency- my definition of which is quite simple - do something every day in the direction of a clear vision, however small. Now that requires two main ingredients, a vision and belief in the vision - clarity.

What do you want?
What do you really really want?
Is it clearly defined?
You don't even have to know how you will achieve it, all that is required to move is the belief  and that being consistent in your actions will propel you towards it.

When I was in University I decided that no matter how small I would do something everyday to get me to my vision of having a degree from this institution, whatever it was. Everyday. I believed and I moved
Some days I may do 15 minutes but I did something. It was a decision. A very conscious decision.
And so, I was reminded of consistency this weekend, have I been consistent in my actions, hell am I even clear on what the vision is?  Old lessons being brought to the fore here. And I remain grateful to the Universe for the reminders. Life is so for us that it gives us messages and reminders - once we pay attention we become aware that the Universe is saying something to us.
Get clear
Be consistent
Trust the process
 and find somewhere in there to rest and celebrate the victories



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