NiNa Graduation Day

Give, unrestrained. Assume nothing Danielle La Porte

NiNa Graduation happened yesterday, I smiled so much my jaws are paining!
I played very little part in the planning of the graduation I showed up and assumed nothing
NiNa is a program that I started at a point in my life where I thought it was all over, I decided after reading something somewhere that in order to forget about your own issues, get involved in doing something positive for someone else, I also had this dream for a while but had no clue on how to make it happen
The Universe said yes as soon as I did and the programme started in my old high school as an after school programme and now in it's 5th year it has grown from strength to strength 

The participants this year were exceptional, every year they are quite good, this year however, these young ladies were so so willing, open minded and extremely ambitious. it showed up in their presentations and yesterday at the graduation! We had a fabulous time I am grateful to them for teaching me to show up open minded, willing, courageous and ambitios



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