This is how self-trust breaks down.

 You get stuck in thinking about what you should feel rather than acknowledging what you actually do feel. You are left with needs that do not go away and that you are unable to fulfill. This leads you to believe that you are not safe in the world, that you make bad choices, that you cannot have what you desire and that your best efforts will never be good enoughIyanla

OMG  how many times have I told myself no I don't feel that I should be feeling "this" - does anyone know what I am talking about?
Your feeling is up in your face shouting at you, sometimes slapping you but you push it away and convince yourself that you should be feeling something else
The feeling is buried alive, it doesn't go away, it manifests itself in so many other ways including affecting your health
This I know for sure
Feel the feelings
The discomfort is temporary
Not feeling the feelings will not change the reality of what happened, it will not change the past what it will do is have you acknowledge and accept the situation and deal with it
and that is the first step of healing
A Course in Miracles says "Truth does not struggle against ignorance, and love does not attack fear" the truth just is, it cannot be altered and needs no defence
And so the feelings you feel builds self trust, it lets you know that whatever happens you can handle it
you can deal with it and come out on the other side reminding you that there is nothing to fear, the discomfort is growing pains
Feel the feelings


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