Baby we can do it

You know you ought to slow down.
You been working too hard and that's a fact
Sit back and relax a while
Take some time to laugh and smile
Lay your heavy load down
So we can stop and kick back
It seems we never take the time to do
All the things we want to, yeah
Now, baby we can do it
Take the time, do it right
We can do it, baby
(Take your time SOS Band)

My cousin and I loved this song! We would hear my aunt playing it when we were younger and she would be doing all the disco moves. We would peep into the room and see her boogie-ing away. After we would sing it with the brush as a microphone and try to do the disco moves, from back then I knew dancing and signing were two gifts that were not under my tree but I persevered!

As we got older the song took on a different meaning to us when we sang it, we can do it baby was our rallying cry to do what we needed to do, to be large and in charge, to do it right, to take our time and get it!
I heard the song last night and it brought back the memory of our eagerness to do it and do it right! No matter what happened we we would take our time and do it right.We would be at the top of our game, we would make our family proud.
I stopped when I heard it and started signing it like when I was a little girl back at my grandma's place with my cousin and it reminded me that I really ought to take the time to do all the things I want to, to laugh and smile because I took my time and did it right.
This one is for you Sana- we did it sis and we did it right!


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