Why are you here?

Every time my path leads me to a stage upon which I am granted the opportunity to align with the energies called to gather and celebrate the blessing of being, my heart is filled with appreciation and gratitude. And when we gather the possibility is Church. And when we gather the possibility is healing. Natalie Stewart

Excerpt from Women of Influence Awards Speech- Akosua Dardaine Edwards

I have learnt that personal power is how I am willing to be, what I am willing to do to preserve and  enhance my dignity self esteem and integrity

How many of us walk around not knowing our own worth and our own personal power and look for it outside of ourselves in material things, in positions, in jobs maybe in the church.
Things are nice but they are temporary and fleeting and like me some of us will work and work and work and work dishonouring ourselves to hold on to them as justification of our self worth and reason for being here
When they fall away you are lost, empty, scrambling, sick, giving away your power for a thing. When its all said and done things can be replaced
Was it May Angelou who said what you learn you teach?

Why are you here?


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