Be observant

When we find ourselves offended by the choices of others we are not in alignment with the diversity of creation, nor are we in alignment with the highest good of our own free will choices. This is called ego projection - where we criticize the behaviors of others because we are not being observant of the behaviors within our SELF.  Sabrina Reber

Pay attention when you are criticizing. Pay attention to when you are constantly doing it. Pay attention

That is a lesson I learnt on my journey - constant complaining and criticizing meant that my life was trying to communicate with me - to pay attention to ME! catch that - my life was calling me to pay attention to ME, what I was doing, what I was not doing, what I was accepting, the bad behavior I was condoning, the things I was not saying, the complaining about other people was a way to project outward my own dissatisfaction and fear.
And so I pay attention to what I say and how I say it
Sometimes I slip up but practice helps
and I get to see and know when I required to pay attention to ME!
Ain't life sweet?
Giving us signs everytime


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