Comes out on the other side with miracles

Time. People. Children. Family. Commitments. It's all excuses so you don't have to do it. So you don't have to get uncomfortable. So you don't have to deal. You can hold onto those excuses as long as you want, but magic is waiting for you when finally do choose to let go. Maxie McCoy

Getting uncomfortable is not something I go out seeking daily, like really, I do not wake up in the morning and say "Hey let's see how I can do something uncomfortable or get uncomfortable" 
Growing involves some discomfort, somewhere somehow. I was chatting with my hairdresser- who I met when she was 16 years old- and the first time I met her I said wow this youth is an old soul. The kind of wisdom she dropped on me, stopped me in my tracks, ten years later and her wisdom has gotten like fine wine, anyways youth wisdom dropped that discomfort precedes growth and pain many times precedes birthing of something new and talked about the greatest example of labour pains and bringing a baby into this world. 
So as human beings we run from discomfort, avoid it like the plague, things must only be swimmingly good 
newsflash- life don't work like that, there is a season for everything and opposites form part of the seasons!
And for me, I admit, I usually want to be in a state of comfortable-ness all the bloody time, that fight to avoid discomfort, leads to even more pain and discomfort, letting it go is magic and it leads to miracles.
The minute you find yourself trying to defend your choices, you start to attack and get riled up, check yourself! something is happening there that requires your attention.
So the discomfort passes, I go through it, come out on the other side with something new


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