Top seven things I would not change if I had to do it again

I let the pain soften me. I let the joy soften me. I let the desire soften me. Danielle La Porte

Top seven  things I would not change if I had to do it again

1.  Listen to my intuition and moved to East Africa and lived in Uganda - reintroduced myself to myself with love, honor and joy

2. Got divorced

3. Being fired from my so called dream job - it sucked me dry, doubted myself and gave away all my power - hello self love and self employment

4. Eating meat - never looked back - saw the light - light belly, light feeling

5. Told the guy I liked that I liked him - didn't end "happy" for me and we don't chat much or maybe not at all anymore but found my courage and learned that knowing the truth will not kill me just hurt a bit.

6. I asked for help, I accepted help and didn't dwell on asking for help or accepting meant that I am a loser - I learnt that I have a tribe of love.

7. Shared my story to the world - freedom reloaded!


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