Make another choice

Try to realise and truly realise, that what stands between you and a different life are matters of responsible choice Sabrina Reber

This truth thing, my word, the whole concept of the truth hurts - yea sometimes it really does when we are locked into a cage of denial and especially when our minds are closed ,we are unwilling and we take things personally. This has been my own experience.

Choices - oh choices! the best thing, we as humans have, is free will, the ability to chose, and with choice comes consequences. And even more awesome, we get to choose over and over again.

What we get upset about is when someone else makes us out and say to us - it's because of your choice that you are where you are - and let me give you an example
You have been eating poorly - consistently- and now you are unwell or probably even overweight - who made the choice to eat poorly? You!
You are stuck in a relationship that you do not want but made the choice to stay because of the children, the money, the story you have been given, the circumstances but you are unhappy - who made the choice to stay? You!
You have no savings - who made that choice that other things took priority over the savings? You!
Listen, I am not saying there is right or wrong, it is your choice - and with choices there are consequences so if you made the choice know what the consequences are and when you get called on it  recognise it is not something personal it is just life sending you clues that you may need to make another choice in order to have the desired consequences.

We have the ability to chose again and many of us make the choice to not choose again. And you, you alone made this choice

I am so glad that I am human, that God gave us free will and that I can make another choice 


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