Push beyond what you know

Take a risk and push yourself beyond what you know - Iyanla Vanzant

How boring would life be if I knew everything? If there were no new discoveries on my journey?
I love learning new things, going to new places, I feel a real sense of joy when I have a penny dropping moment or someone shows me a new way of doing something or I read something for the first time. Curiosity won't kill this cat!

Sometimes however, the new thing is uncomfortable and seemingly risky, it brings up things stored inside that have been buried consciously or unconsciously. This is where we choose to push back and stay in the familiar comfortable place even if it is not contributing to our growth development or evolution. Just because it is familiar.
Today I was having a conversation with a friend - my perspective was ok what's going on, I believe I am doing the "right" thing so why am I feeling stuck and confused? why is there push back? And she said to me - "you have your way of handling situations, you choose to take what some will call the highroad - is that working for ya here?"
"why don't you try a new way? do a new thing?"
OMG! she was right!
Time to do a new thing - because you know I am one who believes in there is no try, it is do or don't
Do a new thing, take a risk, push yourself beyond what you know and then push some more
It's like exercising, or running a race- you won't know if you can until you do it, there is no amount of reading or Googling or simulation or talking about it that will substitute for actually doing it
And so I learnt a new thing today, life remains exciting


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