You just know things will never be the same

There is a pivotal moment in every circumstance, where change is palpable. Where you just know that things will never be the same

There comes a time when enough is enough, when you are at a point of no return, when you just know that this is it, no turning back! When you know that you know that you know
What happens when you chicken out as you reach to that point? What do you do? 

The thing is, when you discover and know the truth you cannot undo finding out and knowing the truth.
Acting like you don't know sets you up for pressure, as we say here, and heartache and even illness. You cannot go back into a state of not knowing.

I know when it  is time for me to make a move, I know, I truly do and saying I don't know is no longer a part of my vocabulary when I know but I don't want to act, even if I don't know my new mantra is "I will figure it out"

Fear is a hell of a hold! I get scared, I mean  scared like a bat in the light  - feel the fear and do it anyway I chant over and over again and I jump and boom! the parachute opens. Scared or not I know that things have to, must change because I know the truth and I cannot go back to not knowing. The fear of facing the truth is less than the freedom from taking action and coming out on the other side.

When the fear takes hold of me I invite it in and have a chat with it - a nice long chat, we sometimes cuse each other, for a slight minute and then we become friends again.
And here's the thing some of the scariest things you do leads you to the biggest lessons- sometimes they may not have an ending that you desire - and many many times it is even better than ever imagined.



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