Top Fifteen Lessons This Month

Dreams don't happen because you're busy. They happen because you're intentional. Because you've made space to move the right things forward- Maxie McCoy

It's been a month of lessons, my friend told me last night that when I talk of lessons it is usually challenges, not joy, and yea traditionally when I reflect that is true what she said about how I speak of the challenges. 

Life happens, it just does, this month has been one of the months where the challenges came in like a tide, the beauty is the tide goes back out after washing things away and this is and was the case so I wanted to share my top fifteen lessons for this month

  1. Overthinking can be a form of fearful avoidance. Few people have "eureka" moments by strenuously over analysing.
  2. Stop waiting for life to begin or change. Do it now.
  3. We all want instant results. But only the Lotto, Disney and The X Factor promise that. Amazing things take time.
  4. We are all scared. It's not only you.
  5. Resilience is the key to reaching your goals and pretty much everything really.
  6. Quite often our biggest pain is all about other people not being how we want them to be.
  7. Worrying never helps 
  8. If you want change in your life you have to DO something differently
  9. Always treasure anyone who has helped you or made you feel good about yourself. They're precious.
  10. Perfectionism is a form of hiding from blame. Maybe even shame
  11. We are all creative beings.
  12. It's OK to not have the foggiest. Keep taking the steps.
  13. The unknown and uncertainty have to become your homies. It's all we have.
  14. Shyness and under confidence are not part of your DNA. You can change this
  15. Seek silence. Find answers


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