Wild and Wonderful Possibility

The big life…one that changes your life and others…is anything but normal and everything other than average. It’s cultivated in that truly uncomfortable space of finally letting go of things without rushing to grab something else. Maxie McCoy

I was reading, as I do on mornings as part of my rituals to be a positive person for the day, and what struck me  on the passage was a line where the question was - are you always trying to fill a space, rather than getting still, waiting for the answer? Or do you just find a filler? 
So you want a particular job - you take anything to fill the space rather than either asking for what you want or do you settle?
Do you just get into a relationship to avoid being alone? Settling again?
What is your fear in getting still, asking for what you want, waiting and maintaining your standards?
Man that shit is scary, I must admit! the fear of losing, the perception that something is better than nothing
And I have learnt that the Gap. Space. Pause. The place where you’re not sure. The place where anything could happen…is actually the greatest stage of all: it’s possibility. Wild and wonderful possibility. The possibility for your greatest dreams and your ultimate path to reveal itself to you. The space for genius. For breakthrough. For a struggle that will lead you to a giant YES instead of a mediocre maybe.


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