Nothing is random

Cause just like a tree planted - planted by the rivers of water

That bringeth forth fruits - bringeth forth fruits in due season;

Everything in life got its purpose,

Find its reason in every season,

Forever, yeah! (the absolute legend BoB Marley)

Nothing is random, nothing and no one is random, no one

The dots are all connected and the experiences all matter for a lesson, some lesson
The free will that we have is just that- free will to choose how we respond to the signs of life
We make choices there are consequences
The great philosopher Lauren Hill says "consequence is no coincidence" cause and effect and all that
It really is just that simple.

I met a lady last year in a store, she just came from the gym, she usually never go to that store, this was my first time at the store, a friend introduced us and little did I know that so called "random" meeting would lead me to having the support to realize one of my dreams. She was on the committee for a Literary Festival that I always dreamed of being invited to, she called me last night and asked me to be involved and will put it into motion if I say yes
Yes yes yes! Are you kidding?
And so, random and seasons and purpose - yeah they mean something to me
What's a random thing you thought happened to you?


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