Am I doing enough to honour my freedom?

Today in my country is Emancipation Day, a public holiday which pays tribute to the brothers and sisters who paved the way for us. My ancestors who worked and made the way clear for me to do all that I can do now! I give thanks to them and honour those such as Lancelot Lane who worked tirelessly to make this day one to celebrate publicly.

As I reflect on this I am filled with so much gratitude and humilty for what came before me, what sort of sacrifices they made. I have been to Africa a few times and it opened my eyes in a totally different way, I am not talking about the whole romantic notion of going back to Africa, I mean it reinforced how fortunate I am and stirred a sense of pride in me I cannot even begin to explain. From that time I have been transformed. I honour my ancestors by my behaviour, I have learned that I just cannot disrespect them, I cannot let them down, I just cannot!

So what did I learn?Respect and honour your ancestors and elders, whatever you have right now, own right now wherever you live right now somebody before you worked hard, paid sometimes with blood, sweat and tears for you to enjoy those things As Maya Angelou says “your crown has already been paid for” Remember that and you will honour yourself their hard work and contribution by having respect for yourself, your surroundings and your environment. When you honour yourself EVERY SINGLE THING THAT YOU DO comes from that place! Peace!


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