Flow with the flow

The Law of Nonresistance states: the wise ones will not fight the obstacles, but bless them and go on. As they go on with faith and assurance, they grow stronger. Their course becomes more direct, their understanding is of greather depth than the mighty ocean, their ultimate objective is not far from them.

When I first came accross the Law of Nonresistance I said to myself, what on earth is the lesson here? the wise ones will not fight the obstacles, I really had to think about it for a good minute but then I should know by now when I ask something I am then put into a situation to either discover the meaning or practice it. This is exactly what happened yesterday!

I had a wonderful day yesterday for the most part, I was involved in doing stuff that I love to do. There is a programme where students from the University come in and pitch their ideas and what they need to turn it into a viable enterprise, I am always happy to be on the panel, I learn so much. Their passion, determination and persistence always seem so contagious!! So I spent most of the day doing that and having an absolute blast!! Time to go back home I need to catch a train and the journey takes just over two hours so I board the train pull out something to read and relaxed. The train conductor now passes around asking for tickets, I pull out mine confidently and present it " You're on the wrong train you need to get off" huh?? "I SAID, you are on the wrong train you need to get off at the next stop" and the response started which I am seeing in slow motion leading to an argument. She says "maam to assault an employee of the National Railway is a criminal offence" Did she just say assault? Only salt I know is the one you cook with or the one on the beach! Then it hit me, the Law of Nonresistance needs to be applied here, what's the big picture? Do you want to get home or do you want to be right? I thought hmm get home, home is more comfy than a police station! I said bless you honey, got off at the next step and met a really really nice lady who worked there who apologized for her colleague's behaviour got on the next train and was home even though over an hour later, I was at home safe!

Lesson learnt, bless it move on and look at the big picture!
So what did I learn today?

Throughout life we develop ideas of how others should be, how they should behave and how they should treat us. When things are not the way we thing they should be , we resist. I learned that we do what we do based on who we are, what we have experienced, and the information we have at the time. It just is! We only have control of the response nothing else!!


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