It is not enough to know what to do, you need to do what you know!

Act on it. Knowledge is power, and action is results. Start with something simple and build momentum. Decide and act. Take massive action. Have a bias for action. Take consistent action. Throw massive action at your problems.  If we’re smart, but don’t take action, we can end up smart and broke, smart and fat, or smart and alone. We need to take consistent actions and improve our results. Along those lines, it’s not enough to know what to do, you need to do what you know. Tony Robbins, author

I'm always one to take action and many times the action have taken have resulted in loads of mistakes and me falling flat on my face, making people angry and people questioning my decisions. My actions haven't always been accurate, precise or correct but as Joyce says "Mistakes are the portal of discovery" but I would not have it any other way.

There are many advantages to taking action, it breeds confidence and courage, you know for sure that you can do it, you move through the fear and get it done. Action is the bridge between your dreams and making it happen.

I love Tony Robbins saying "Massive Action" which to me means doing something every day which pushes you closer to your goal or vision.

So what did I learn today?
Action is the bridge, action moves you closer to your goal, action is where the magic is. Talk is cheap anyone can talk. Keep the talk for after you act. Mistakes will occur but lessons will be learned. Take action and understand that it won't be perfect, you will be judged and critised but its easy to be a critic and tough to be a doer. Take action and correct the course as you go, that is what dreams are made of. Don't fret the mistakes, you will learn as you go and get better as time go along, you will get smarter, you will get wiser.


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