Ask for what you want!

If I am quick to see danger lurking in those around me, and to question another's kind intentions, it is most likely because I am quick to question my own, and have not learned as yet to forgive myself. ACIM

Today I took the plunge and cooked. I was right proud of myself, all went well and it goes to show feel the fear and do it anyway! So I’m walking around saying I did it, I cooked, they asked me what did you cook? When I told them, stunned silence then extended laughter! Ok Edwards, we will get someone to either give you cooking lessons or cook for you! I am determined now to leave the country with enhanced cooking skills!
I went around looking for a place to watch the Arsenal game, I came up on the Bamboo nest, funny what happens when you want to make something happen no matter what! The Bamboo nest is a big bamboo shed. I approached the man at the entrance, I said I am looking for a place to watch a football game. He said well my friend you have found it.

 I asked what game are you showing, he responded any game you desire!  At first I was questioning in my mind is this for real, he’s really kind , then I remembered the teachings in ACIM which talks about the way you perceive things is really a reflection of what’s in your mind and to follow your first instincts, believe that people are inherently good! I also remembered my lady from yesterday on the talk on my energy. Walk with the right energy and the Spirits/Ancestors/Gods will protect you without fail! All things are lessons that God will have you learn.
I paid my host $2us dollars and was directed up the bamboo stairs, of course, lead to my own tv and given some type of ginger drink! I thought I was in heaven! I watched football all evening and my team won too!! I even left with some new friends! Persistence, following your intution and determination- works every time!

So what did I learn today?
The easiest way to get what you want is to ask for it. I wanted to see Arsenal play, I asked for it! When you flip-flop between what you feel, what you say and what you do, you send out mixed signals, which means you will get mixed and often unsatisfactory results. (It is also a good practice to make sure that your no means no and that your yes means yes.) Write it down, speak it out loud or clearly picture it in your mind.



  1. You may very well leave there with the ability to prepare exciting African dishes that will have your friends in Europe & the Caribbean licking their lips! a see the prospect of you preparing an african cookbook for us? :-)


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