What's in your soup of life?

There are three serious poisons in the soup of life - Anger, Greed and Ignorance  - Angel Kyodo Williams

Angel Kyodo Williams' work is an eye opener! She introduces what some may call some radical concepts in her work as the founder of the Transformative Institute. I have been inspired by her philosophy and teachings and have been keeping an open mind to them over the past couple of months. Her work to me resonated because she talks about transformation being an inside job! It starts with me. Living from a heart centered place rather than an ego centered one.

Today I worked with the awesome rural community group in Brasso Seco, The drive from town is roughly two hours to the first point and today a driver was appointed to take me as there was more driving to do once we got there. The driver asked me a few questions about what we were doing in the rural communities and the impact and results. Seemed a pretty simple set of questions. Then he proceeded to preach to me about the importance of the christian religion by tearing down every other one, why I need to be morally and spiritually responsible and remember that people are full of sin and evil! I started getting hot, sweat started pouring from under my arms. I said to him, fear and ignorance are two main reasons for many of the ways people act and think and at this point my view is that people are fundamentally good including you so let's try to look at a new way of viewing our fellow brothers and sisters! If we think people are fundamentally full of sin and evil and that shapes our actions then boy oh boy, that explains a lot of things that are happening in the world! I choose to give people the benefit of the doubt and I know that I know that I know that good never runs out, it may just change form



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