In my mind

My heart will soar
With love that's rare and real
My smiling face will feel every cloud
Then higher still beyond the blue until
I know I can like any man reach out my hand
And touch the face of God

Did I tell you that  everything here is fine..... in my mind
Al Jarreau

I listen to this song  almost every morning 
and sing it loud too

"Did I tell you that everything is just fine here in my mind, searching high and low and now at last I know"
Oh man, it absolutely raises my spirit
"I was shaking but now I am doing just fine.... here in my mind"

I take responsibility for what I am feeling, what energy I bring to the table, to the room because
everything is just fine .... in MY mind

Who's mind? Mine! because all I have responsibility is for my own self!

just thought  I would share one of my rituals on the journey
What are some of your rituals?


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