No one is in your way

You must change your mind, not your behaviour, and this is a matter of willingness....Change does not mean anything at the symptom level, where it cannot work" ACIM

Brutally honest, listen
No one is in your way
Nobody is in your way…..
Nobody can be in your way
What’s mine to do, is mine to do
What is divinely mine is mine
What’s for you cyar be not for you
What’s for Akosua is for Akosua
If you get what is supposed to be mine, it will burn your hand, you will lose it, it’s going to turn, and it will not work.
Catch that
So I don’t have to spend nights up in worry that somebody is taking what I have, that somebody got what I wanted.
Remember there is a presence acting in your life, the Omni Presence
Whenever that feeling enters me, I don’t go and fight the other person, and I know how to fight I have been training as a boxer, I bring myself back, and me and myself have a conversation
What is yours is always unfolding perfectly and completely right where I am and my good is not somewhere else, my good is right where I am
Become available…now
Your thoughts that is what is in the way
Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind
Ask yourself, how can you make yourself available to what is yours in your  own life


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