You are it

Ready to address that which she had attempted to avoid
Ready to embrace that which she had attempted to deny
She placed all other distractions aside
And finally committed to her relationship with herself
Natalie Stewart

Readiness - the definition of readiness is willingness to do something

Are you willing? - free from reluctance?

That is all it takes I have learnt- the mind shift that says I am no longer reluctant to do this new thing, this different thing no matter what I am no longer reluctant, I am ready.

To do something different takes a change of mind, a feeling of belief and ACTION, dare to believe

I have been having some serious challenges with abundance and I learnt the lesson

The whole abundance and manifestation thing I had it backward
I was searching outside of myself, I thought, ok if I get these things, these symbols it would give me permission to feel abundant
I believed that I needed to have the thing to be it
And so I was chasing- chasing after the things, the symbols instead of believing that I am it, newsflash I am it!
if you are it, you manifest it but most importantly you keep it

I thought ok if I get the house and car and stuff It would give me permission to think that I was abundant
If I get the fit and sexy body it would give me permission to think that I was sexy
If I get the specific job it would give me permission to think I was successful
If I get the relationship it would give me permission to think that I am lovable
Life does not work that way I have learnt
Its not -  you get the stuff and because you get the stuff you get to be it
I am it!
I am love
I am abundance
I am enough
Hey the question is am I willing to be it, to believe it?

The biggest challenge is believing and shifting how I think about myself


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