Am I attached to a particular outcome or am I open to all possibilities?

While goal setting can be a good thing, it can also be used as a tool for self-domestication.

For example, often times we create goals in order to validate ourselves as acceptable or unacceptable. If we achieve the goal we accept ourselves, if we do not we judge ourselves as failures. In this way, we are misusing goals and creating unnecessary suffering for ourselves and those around you. The questions to ask yourself when setting a goal are

What is my motivation for doing this? Is it something I really want to do for me or am I doing this to please someone else? Am I attached to a particular outcome or am I open to all possibilities?

When you set goals for yourself from a mindset of unconditional self-love, any outcome is a successful one. Miguel Ruiz Jr

It’s important to have goals, it’s even more important your intention behind the goals. This is why I agree with Miguel Ruiz’s observation on goals, setting them and why you want to achieve them because I have walked the path! Many of my goals was based on what I THOUGHT would be good for me given what society preached, what my family said, who I was comparing myself to at the time and how much money it would give me! None of those things matter, you will achieve the goals most times depending on how driven you are and it will be like a huge black hole, you’re still feeling like empty and nothing could fill the hole! However when you set goals with feeling, with a soul purpose, in service whoaaaaa that’s where the magic happens, where the awesomeness starts and goes on and on and on.

Attachment to a particular outcome trips you up every time, it must be your way or no way! When you are flexible open and willing things show up that you never even dreamt of and its even better than you anticipated once you are open to the possibilities

If anyone told me that I would be here in Uganda just twelve months ago I would say hmm absolute bollocks! But here I am, living, learning, working, trusting in the process and all the magic that is unfolding!

My goals were specific and time bounded, stuck up on my bathroom wall every single year, graduate from University, get this degree, buy this property, yadda yadda yadda, me me me!!! No magic, no feeling, no service! Still feeling empty and in the black hole. One little shift and then the party started!!


So what did I learn today

Set goals, ask yourself the important questions and know what is the quality of your intent!



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