We go, I go!

Life will do this: put things before you that you have absolutely no prior context for, nothing that you can turn to for some sense of navigation. Kate Swooboda’

She said to me running a business like this you have to multi task. I listened and I completely agreed. She said to me as of now you will be doing many things that you have never done before because we are growing this, taking it to another level. She said to me you will be called upon to tap into resources within you that you never even knew you had. She said, you will have to be creative there’s no one to teach you. I sat there with a smile on my face. You know the type of smile that says oh boy if I don’t smile it may well turn into tears. After that I tell you openly, every fear that could present itself came up and whispered in my ears. What if you mess this up? You are far from home, what if what if what if? Then I realised these what if’s will get you if you let them. I said stop, ease off, I am doing this, whatever happens I will learn from it, I mean we already lost a million of their money on dodgy landlords, we already messed up three trucks, completely thrashed, we already pissed off many people but hey we are still here learning and growing that in itself is awesome!

So what did I learn today?

One of the things I like what they say here is “Madam, we go?” I finally figured it out but I use it here differently, here I go, into the this with an open mind and a willing spirit!

Many stories to learn and tell, I go, I go and I go!



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