Be good with now!

We spend so much of our time wishing things were different and trying to make them be that way. In fact, if we look at our lives honestly, wishing something or someone were different and trying to bring about that change is the activity that occupies most of our lives. ACIM

One of my favourite teachers Iyanla says “any moment can be the moment” and I interpret that to mean that it is important for me to be present, to be ready, to show up! I was reminded of that yesterday! I was having a conversation about some of the challenges that I felt that consumed me being here, the roads, the driving, the lack of infrastructure, water and electricity and I was reminded that no amount of wishing and hoping makes things different, first you accept the situation and then you do something to change it if you can, if you cannot then you work within what you have and be present! Why? Because when you put in the work, any moment can be the moment! Absolutely awesome!


So what did I learn today?

Be good with now and see the possibilities!




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