Cows and Weddings

MARRIAGE (Union of Souls)
Spiritual partnership
Purpose larger than the individuals
Source of support that facilitates growth
Shared/common vision that advances union
Commitment to God, family and community
Anchored in God/divinity

This weekend I went to my first Ugandan wedding! It was such an interesting experience for me as it was new! In Uganda there are 56 tribes and each one of them have their own ceremonies. The wedding this time was with a woman who came from the Central region. I enjoyed the festivities tremendously; everything involved a dance of some sort! The bride had to dance with a group of her women friends and family around the venue to “find” the groom who was “hidden” when she “found” him the festivities began! More dancing! This time they danced together! After there was a dance in front the cake then she fed her parents as a gesture of gratitude for raising her to be a woman, and the groom did the same thing!

I never went to a wedding where the guests even got presents and the bride and groom danced to the guest to present them with it!

I was really grateful to be invited to witness it first hand, maybe before I leave here I will be privileged enough to see weddings from the other 55 tribes!

They talked about the number of cows that the bride was worth and told me if I was lucky enough I would be worth more than 22!!

So what did I learn today?

25 cows would be my bride price LOL!!



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